The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) definition of peacebuilding:
"Originally conceived in the context of post-conflict recovery efforts to promote reconciliation and reconstruction, the term peacebuilding has more recently taken on a broader meaning. It may include providing humanitarian relief, protecting 
human rights, ensuring security, establishing nonviolent modes of resolving conflicts, fostering reconciliation, providing
trauma healing services, repatriating refugees and resettling internally displaced persons, supporting broad-based education,
and aiding in economic reconstruction. As such, it also includes conflict prevention in the sense of preventing the recurrence
of violence, as well as conflict management and post-conflict recovery. In a larger sense, peacebuilding involves a
transformation toward more manageable, peaceful relationships and governance structures—the long-term process of
addressing root causes and effects, reconciling differences, normalizing relations, and building institutions that can manage
conflict without resort to violence."
The Plant Fund is working toward providing peacebuilding services to individuals, groups, organizations, and other entities. No legal advice or arbitration services are offered. If you or
anyone you know is in need of a neutral party to help facilitate a peaceful resolution to a
conflict, feel free to contact us. A tax-deductible donation to the Plant Fund is the only
requirement. In some instances, travel expenses may be assessed.